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This is an information age and tremendous flow of information is emerging in all fields throughout the world. Educational system around the world is under increasing pressure to use the new information and communication technologies to teach students the knowledge and skills they need in the 21st century.

Teacher education institutions are facing the challenges of preparing a new generation of teachers. Tilak Teacher Training College has an answer to this critical challenge.

It has started multidimensional professional courses for teachers training to serve the state and the nation.

Approaches to the professional development of teachers must be dependent on context and culture. Since there are a variety of approaches, an overview of the many stages in which teachers receive teacher education may prove powerful and helpful and learning is an ongoing process and should not be thought of as one “injection” of training. Teachers need to update their knowledge and skills. Individuals as a teacher must develop in stage and mature over time.
Our teacher training programme is designed with a vision based on comprehensive recognizing areas of teaching competencies, commitment and performance essentially relevant for the new millennium. Our programme is based on –

Academic Inputs Theoretical Based Orientation –

We want to make good teachers. This daunting task requires the acquisition of new resources expertise and careful planning. In approaching this task it is necessary to a good orientation programme to enrich technological exposure including confirmation of the objective, pupil based methods and techniques. Lecturers, guest facilities, tutorials, demonstration workshops, seminars amongst teacher and taught to generate informal live interaction. Apart from providing excellent opportunities for attitudinal changes in the students to acquire communicative skills and nurture the concept of self concept for education. We provide the opportunity for the teachers to reconstruct their curricular competencies in the light of feedback provided by the students.

School Based Activities

To observe and to follow the school based activities are the part and parcel of training programme. The pupil teachers are exposed to work with school atleast for 24 hours. No doubt theory and practice have to go on a day to day basis, pupil teachers have to gain insight into the relational learning problems. Pupil teachers are not supposed to follow the ready procedures of practice training. They have to solve problems and how to deal with their students. Teacher educators are engaged to guide them step by step. At this stage pupil teachers personally observe the programmes of good school. Finally these experiences help them in their field forthcoming.